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Questions to ask as a homeowner to ensure I am choosing a reputable contractor to work on my property:

It is important to ask the following questions:

  1. Does the contractor have valid WCB (Worker’s Compensation) & Liability Insurance?
    As a homeowner you are responsible for any contractor who does work on or in your home. If a contractor hurts themselves on your property & does not have a valid WCB, you as the homeowner can be held liable. Also ensure the contractor has minimum $2 Million Liability Insurance.
    Airdrie Roofing has $5 Million Liability Insurance & Full WCB Coverage
  2. Is the contractor a member of the Better Business Bureau and/or the Alberta Allied Roofing Association
    These organizations assure that their contractors are established companies that are credible, have a history of satisfied customers & who provide superior quality materials and services.
    Airdrie Roofing has an A+ Rating with the BBB & is a member in good standing and sits on the Board of the AARA.
  3. Does the contractor have a valid Business Licence & Number to operate in the City they are working?
    The company should have a Government Business Number & local Business License.
    Airdrie Roofing has valid business licences in both Airdrie & Calgary and is a registered Limited company.
  4. What warranty is offered on labor and materials installed?
    Ensure a company labors their warranty for a minimum of 5 years (blow offs, leaks, etc). Confirm with the contractor, the duration of the manufacturer warranty on the installed products.
  5. Is the contractor a certified installer of the product they offer?
    Certified contractors can offer enhanced warranties on the products they install & they follow more stringent installation guidelines.
  6. Does the contractor have a list of references they are willing to provide?
    A reputable company should have a list of satisfied homeowners, site superintendents, insurance brokers, etc., readily willing to give a good reference.
  7. How long has the contractor been in business? Are they local?
    Ask yourself, should anything go wrong with the renovations/installations down the road, will this company still be around to warranty their work? Particularly with the annual hail damage in Airdrie, Calgary & surrounding areas, ensure you are not hiring a ‘storm chaser’ who won’t be around a few months down the road.
  8. Does the contractor provide a written estimate & contract?
    A contractor should provide you with a detailed written estimate specifying the installation specifications, products & costs. Be careful of hidden, after the fact, costs.
What roofing & exterior products does Airdrie Roofing install?

Roofing & Exterior materials and applications vary according to a number of factors, including: slope, building codes, aesthetics, environmental factors, personal preference and safety concerns. Our team will work with you to find the ideal roofing solution for your home. Please contact us to make an appointment to come and view our showroom for sample selection.

Please contact Airdrie Roofing to learn about our full roofing installation process. It takes more than a shingle to protect your home. It takes an intricate, layered roofing system to ensure you are fully protected.


Visit our photo gallery to view the diversified projects and products/materials Airdrie Roofing has experience in installing.

Is there a cost for estimates?

Airdrie Roofing does not charge for roof estimates. Get a free estimate.

There is a minimal inspection/call out fee should we require accessing and inspecting attics. Homeowner’s will be notified prior.

Hail Damage: Is Airdrie Roofing HAAG Certified?

Airdrie Roofing’s estimator’s are HAAG Certified Inspectors.

The HAAG Certified Inspector – Residential Roof program is designed to make you highly proficient with all major types of residential (steep-slope) roofs when inspecting for hail and wind damage.

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